This project is really an excuse.  I keep finding that I need a reason to do stuff.  And ‘because I want to’ is not reason enough.  So in order to give myself the boost I need to do the things that I ultimately enjoy, I’m blogging it.  And that *is* reason enough.  Strange…

I sat down one evening with ManWithASword (soon to be lodger) and he really challenged me on why I don’t do the things that I want.  As a result of this I started keeping a log of the things that I want to do.  This is a lightly edited version because you don’t want to hear about my verucca, do you?  Thought not.

Do art and/or pottery class
Listen to radio
Make cover for big sofa
Swim more
Take more photos – photo diary?
Walk more
Cycle more
Do more dress design
Get house done
Get writing
Singing lessons
Guitar lessons
Make sourdough
Make other speciality baked goodness!

Some of it is already happening.  Some of it may have to wait.  No doubt new things will get added and other things will become less appealling over time. 

Geochaching is already a new passion, I want to get busy with a longbow again.  Had tremendous fun with the luscious FrnRndrsn on a field in the setting sun.  Sailing is always there.  Just not so much recently.  2010 is the year of being a Notsailor.

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