You did *what*!!!!????

I have a broken ankle.  I was quite sober and mindful when I turned my ankle on a pothole.  There may have been a brief shriek.  I felt sick.  I drove home.  Despite the offers of help from colleaugues and passers by.  It seemed entirely logical at the time.  The bizarest part is that I would swear it didn’t hurt.  Despite feeling cold and clammy and like I was about to throw-up.  This continued.  On removing boot and sock and looking at, what then appeared to be, an entirely unremarkable ankle I was assisted to my sofa, bursting into tears for ‘no good reason’.  Hmmm….  Even when sitting in Casualty I wass just about ready to head home because ‘it was fine’…  It took two separate medical professionals telling me that I did indeed have a broken ankle before I even began to begin contemplating the reality of the situation.  And even then that was tenuous.  It is in fact only now, some weeks later, that it is really hitting home.  I have a broken ankle.  Normal service has been disrupted.  The picture is fuzzy.  It may remain that way for a period of time.

There are some small compensations.  Mostly the reaffirmation of the kindness of strangers and the general goodwill of most people.  But that’s about it really.  Oh, and I’m getting to have a lot of baths…

Author: ishtaricat

Wierd, wired and wonderful. Bakes bread and cakes, knits hats, goes places and is getting all graphic...

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