Travel Wishlists…

Places that I want to visit, trips I want to make.  Some of them might be lottery dreams, others are far more achievable…

Lets hope I can cross some of them off the list some time soon!

Travel by train through Europe stopping at a few major cities on the way

Visit Venice off season.  Or at least not right in the middle of July

Go to Corfe Castle

Do more in the SouthWest of England in general

Visit Longleat with HawkEyeBoy

Travel on the TransSiberian Railway to Japan

Visit Malta

Visit Sicily

Sail around the med in a yacht

Visit New England in the Fall

Take a road-trip through the US

Visit New York

Go back to Canada

Stay in a yurt

Eat honey under an olive tree 

Travel down the Yangtze River (not sure if that’s even possible these days)

See Vienna

Spend some time in France.  How have I never visited France?

See more of Italy

A big trip to London including boutique hotel, tea at the Dorchester, a certain amount of Culture, darling.  And a show.  Something cheesy.  Wicked is a current fave.  With cocktails.  Oh, yes.  I had that one secretely planned with TLLM, but THAT all hit the fan… Ho Hum…

No doubt I shall add more!

One thought on “Travel Wishlists…”

  1. Oh! I *am* staying in a Yurt. I *did* go to France. And it looks like a trip to Egypt is in the offing. How very exciting.
    More Islay is always good and had a fab and very sunny week there and loved in and I think I might be off to Coniston in September. What a quiet life…

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