Objects of desire…

In no particular order and as they occur to me this is a list of things seens and wanted.  Because people say, ‘what would you like for your…’ and I go ‘errr’

So this is a list of stuff that I really want.  And links to pictures so you too can drool.  Or despair at my bourgouise taste in stuff

De Longhi toaster and kettle http://www.johnlewis.com/230475852/Product.aspx


A new Jug for the serving of nice drinks

Bow  (for archery.  And arrows too)

Flat screen telly. So shoot me!

New bed, http://www.featherandblack.com/Beds/Iron-Bedsteads/Henley-Bedstead-Nickel.ice

Lighter down duvet 10.5 tog, k/size

Lemon essential oil.

Wetsuit 3mm/5mm

KnitPro circular needles http://www.greatbritishyarns.co.uk/acatalog/KnitPro_Interchangeable_Circular_Needle_Deluxe_Set.html

KnitPro double pointed needles http://www.greatbritishyarns.co.uk/acatalog/KnitPro_Double_Pointed_Needle_Set_Length_15_cm.html

Mini tartlet tins


Stuff from Lush

Boden dresses and tops.


Martha Stewart cupcake book.  Utterly ridiculous.  Yet divine!


Purple Le Cruset

Crumpet Rings


One thought on “Objects of desire…”

  1. So, I did a review and guess what? I got quite a lot of the things I said I wanted. How cool is that. Toaster & Kettle, bed frame, crumpet rings and mini tartlet cases, circular needles and a variety of other dpn’s, lemon essential oil, flatscreen telly. Not so bothered about a new wetsuit at present but I think I will want one. Got a shorty from ebay which is handy.

    Some were gifts, some were hand me ons, some were just bought cos I found some extra cash down the back of the sofa.

    Mostly what I want at present is for someone to fix the house while I’m not there, sort out and dispose of the unnecessary stuff and sell the thing…

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