Fitter @ 40

There is an honest to god fat person in the mirror.  I find it startling and unsettling.  There is this large woman occupying the space that is me in photographs.  I’ve always felt a bit out-of-the normal, standing a little over six feet tall.  Statuesque.  But now I see something like a caricature, over-blown.

There are reasons why it got this way.  An autoimmune condition that effects both metabolism and mental attitude, an unfortunate broken ankle followed 24 months later by a car accident that left me with concussion and soft-tissue injuries in every joint on my right side, but these are the signposts on the path to here, not the route map.  I am in charge of that.  It’s time to take a new path.

I occasionally read the ‘Fit in My 40’s’ column in the Guardian and find it intensely irritating.  Perhaps I missed the bit where the author wasn’t fit?  I suppose the germ of the idea came from that.  How can a really unfit person, a person in their 40’s change that?  I’d love to complete the #walk1000miles challenge too.  So between low impact, lower intensity exercise and taking it s l o w l y, perhaps I can return to feeling fit and strong?

I have a goal, but for the first time in a long, long time it is not a weight-based goal, but a fitness based one.  I am committed to doing a 20 mile walk in the close of this year, when daylight availability is at its least plentiful and there is a more than fair chance that it will be wet.  I’ve deliberately chosen a walk that is low level and accessible by car and in a populated (but not populous) place, the last leg of the Fife Coastal Walk, walking a path through my childhood on my way to a fitter future.  I want to enjoy it not slog it. I want to be able to get up the next day and still enjoy the day, and the year to come.

Previous attempts to improve physical wellbeing have been very testosterone driven and full on which has led to rapid overwhelm and defeat, so I’ve taken the time to find programmes that can accommodate where I am now and gradually step up the intensity.  I’m using  the British Heart Foundations walking programme, starting at week 3 of the beginner programme and planning on progressing through the intermediate one until I reach the goal on the 30th December.  It’s my Christmas present to myself as well as my birthday gift.

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