Today: The Sea!

Himself has never been to Whitby.  He’s also a fan of all things vampiric.  So, to Whitby!

Lack of a flippin’ map was, again, an issue with the sat-nav taking us a very odd route.   Anyway, we parked up at the abbey and there were oohs and aahs, but we decided to save the actual touring if the abbey for a less meltingly hot day.  We walked down the steps and through the madding crowds and had a seriously decent lunch at The Whitby Deli, and have vowed to return.  We wandered on enjoying the warmth and the views, stopping to sit and listen to the Morris competition while gazing off to sea.  We took a closer look and then wandered to the end of the pier.  I’m still slightly confused as there was not a howling gale, a Whitby first for me.  In fact we were having a sunglasses disaster as himself only had his driving ones…

Off in search of good coffee and cake (and reluctant to scale the hill back to the Deli) we wandered to the station.  On our return leg we stopped at Crumbs and Cobbles, which was a rather disappointing effort.  Immediately after we discovered several other interesting options, all requiring further investigation in the future.

I achieved over 11,000 steps, so feeling virtuous too.

We sort of made up the drive home, and we made it, with only a minor detour.  An evening of decent Chinese take-away and Bake Off.  Himself was asked which if the tree challenges I should copy and he’s opted for mirror cake, so going to see how that goes next week and I have got to attempt the Jaffa cakes.  There may be quite a lot of cake to be eaten next week.

Ruth’s cardigan was again consigned to the back seat due to exceptional sunshine and heat!

Other highlights included spotting The Blue House of hen weekend loveliness while standing admiring the view from Abbey car park and getting close up action viewpoints of cormorants and jellyfish

Author: ishtaricat

Wierd, wired and wonderful. Bakes bread and cakes, knits hats, goes places and is getting all graphic...

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