Mini-tour: Day 2

Admin called this morning, so Himself did What Needed To Be Done and I rehabilitated the blog.

We nipped into Richmond and discovered that the library is like a TARDIS.  It contains, in it’s vastness, the local tourist information point.  I scavenged the shelves, himself got distracted by the books and we were disappointed in our search for maps, although I did manage to get hold of a town walk guide.  The town walk appears at first glance to be a turn round the square with a detour to the castle.  A trip to Mountain Warehouse still left us mapless.  WH Smith had maps, but not the right maps…  Although we have made do with the wrong maps…  Lunch was at a cafe in the square, Penleys, who had an extensive menu of lunch-ish offerings.  Food was plentiful and I was envious of Himself’s hot beef ciabatta.  We did have a bit of a wait though…

A drive to Reeth followed.  It’s very dramatic, Reeth.  It was also very, very hot.  Just as well they have an ice cream parlour.  My strawberry left me underwhelmed but the pecan praline was rich in oozy toffee nutty goodness.  The chocolate was amazing and an inspired banana and mango was divine.  Alas they belonged to not me.

I had decided, in my wisdom and sans map, that Hawes would make a good next stop.  Coordinates were entered into the sat-nav and off we toddled….  Up a very narrow single track lane.  We went up…and up…and up…  My car has a very interesting not-a-handbrake.  Himself doesn’t normally drive my big car.  There was a steep hill.  We stalled.  Cue swift driver change half way up the hill.  It was a bit touch and go but we made it.

We made it to Hawes.  Also pretty.  We legged it to the wool shop.  It was not the wool shop I needed.  It was the Herdy shop.  Full of Herdy branded things.  We rushed onwards.  Having finally reconnected with the inter-webs we realised I needed the Shop On The Bridge.  It’s the tiniest wee shop full of knitting and sewing booty.  And had the circular needles that I needed.  Phew.

We didn’t do a great deal but we saw a lot.  Drove past Asgarth falls signs and Bolton castle looked impressive on the skyline.  We’re both knackered.  Tesco provided picnic tea.  Feet up and kettle on.  And might just start a Hitchhiker.  I haven’t got one.  I may be the only knitterest on the planet who does not have one.  I broke the no yarn rule, too.  Oops.

Ruth’s cardi was with us but given the baking hotness it stayed in the car.



Author: ishtaricat

Wierd, wired and wonderful. Bakes bread and cakes, knits hats, goes places and is getting all graphic...

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