A mini adventure

This week I’m having a mini break in Richmond, North Yorkshire.  This somewhat out of necessity as Mr H has some admin to take care of and the accommodation is free.  Other hampering features are a) I’m feeling a bit pealy-wally and b) we’re broke at present.  And I don’t have the right sized needle tips…  We may have a hidden independent yarn shops of North Yorkshire agenda…

We arrived yesterday and installed ourselves in Mr H’s rather well appointed room.  I think he is constantly surprised that I quite like it!  Anyway, the sun came out and before we lost the last of the sunny spell we went for a lovely walk at Hudswell Woods.

Hudswell Woods are managed by the National Trust and there are a few different walks of varying effort and condition.  We walked over the river Swale (I think, it was definitely a river though!) in full spate.  With summer trees and sun it looked idyllic.  Himself would have scrambled over muddy rocks but I was happy to wander along the banks and admire the trees and sky.  We’ll be back.

The plan for Tuesday had been an epic adventure but may be scaled down to a shorter trip to tourist info followed by a drive to Reeth & Hawes.  There is a LYS in Hawes…

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Wierd, wired and wonderful. Bakes bread and cakes, knits hats, goes places and is getting all graphic...

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