The power of the mind to take an idea, a concept, that (as yet) has no substance and run with it? 

 I had a deeply philospohical discussion with HawkEyedBoy about the nature of reality.   He had experienced that electric eureka moment where the world seems to turn itself inside out, in a Physics lesson.  To whit, that colours we see are not the *actual* colour of objects, merely the reflection of radiation wavelengths not absorbed by that object.  Therefore nothing we see is actually as it is, indeed even reflections of ourselves in mirrors are what we are not.

I well remember this sensation of axis shifting reality-breaks resulting from physics lessons and the wide-eyed, bewildering awe  they inspire.

But older and wiser, and far more familiar with this thought game, I am aware that perception of reality is not the same as reality.  Just because  I don’t percieve the “true” nature of the table does not mean that when I walk into it, it will hurt any less…

Which brings me to other perceptions, other realities.  I can see you, I can communicate with you.  You do seem substantial, moral, real, honest…  But is that my chosen perception of my reality or is it really real?

I hope its the latter, I’mwillingly, joyously  in a place I was not looking to be.  It’s a rollercoaster, going to the top of the long drop.  And my perception is that I am safe, protected.  I hope so, because I am intoxicated with the notion of this journey.  It gives me a catch in my throat, a lump in my stomach.  I am intoxicated and I am hoping that this perception of reality can be matched with the reality of real.

In the meantime, I’m sitting in the rollercoaster, biting my lip hard and hoping, praying that the wheels don’t come off…

Author: ishtaricat

Wierd, wired and wonderful. Bakes bread and cakes, knits hats, goes places and is getting all graphic...

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