I took cranberry muffins and apple muffins, key lime pie and grasshopper pie. I became queen of puddings.

I drank of all cups and became somewhat sloshed. Note to self; if you can’t feel your lips, STOP drinking, but the tequila was *good*.

It was so many, many good things and some suprising ones too, but even with chickens calling the dawn 2011 started with sparks and warmth and wit and merriment and I would have it no other way.

So finally we come to resolution. I resolve to be independent, I resolve to be me and I resolve to be determined. There are specifics too but I shan’t bore you, the headlines are the main thing.

I just hope this love of the world continues. And that I have some red wool because I promised a very special young man a red hat of his own. I wonder if knitting needles will pass security???

Author: ishtaricat

Wierd, wired and wonderful. Bakes bread and cakes, knits hats, goes places and is getting all graphic...

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