Two new taste sensations

It has been a week of *thinking about what I eat*.  Again.  Anyway I’m trying to stay on all the wagons that I subscribe to, which can be perplexing at times.  Woman is not made to spead herself so thinly. Although this woman would dearly like to be thinner.

Regardless of my wagon-jumping skills I am, after the 5 day migraine that involved sensory impairment and the inability to speak coherently nor remember the salient point of whatever had just been said, avowed to avoid bread.  You think of it as tasty, filling yumminess.  Alas, I do too.  Unfortunately it causes an unpleasant degree of discomfort and seems to be implicated in the headache-of-doom.   Milk based products cause similar effects.  Rats.  In addition, it is time to return to *the diet*.

The diet is not actually terribly draconian and when I am good its often pretty effective.  I’m hoping that the lack of intolerance trigger foods and refined sugar will also lead to an up-swing in gym attendance.  Cross everything! Hope!

All of which is a meandering preamble heading towards telling you that I have two culinary delights to share.  Neither of them are particularly complex but the taste impact from both was astounding.

The first started out as a crumble, however it didn’t quite make it.  Waitrose do a rather nice selection of frozen fruit mixes.  This one included plums, black-currents, blackberries and rhubarb.  A sprinkle of sugar over the top and I popped into the oven alongside the rest of dinner.  Off I went to get on with my life…

Later, after the fruit had cooled somewhat, resembling a gleaming, glistening, purple treasure trove,  I found a tub of quality vanilla ice-cream.  A generous scoop of ice-cream, topped with the succulent berries and then finished off with a very generous slug of sloe gin, as provided by the bountiful Fran, made a simple super into a feast fit for two rather gorgeous creatures.  Hawk-Eye Boy did get a look in, but I am not sharing the sloe-gin with him.  He did look on curiously when I was making G&T’s, so he may have check those out soon…

A-ha, I hear you cry.  Ice-cream…  Yes.  I did indeed eat the ice-cream and made sure that I enjoyed every delicious mouthful.  In these more restrained  days of dairy denial and calorie control I will be substituting Swedish Glace in my bowl.  Which is not a huge tragedy.  The rest of you, who are, like, normal should continue with fine quality vanilla ice-cream.  I have every faith that chocolate ice-cream could work equally well.

And onwards to this morning.  Breakfast.  I’m really bad at breakfast.  I might put into the list of self-improvement targets.  I’m sure half my poor food choices are because I’m starved due to skipping breakfast.  It’s a bit tragic really.  Here I am all growed up and reasonably intelligent and I still allow myself to miss the most important meal of the day.

So, with good intentions, I approached breakfast.  I sat down and worked out the allowance it would take and then made the best easy breakfast ever.  From hence-forth this creation will be known as Hallowe’en porridge!

Essentially I just made porridge on the stove.  For those of you who have not been brainwashed into porridge eating, well you should, but more importantly some instructions…

I use a standard cup measure to make porridge for two.  That’s about 70g of porridge oats.  A good pinch of sea-salt goes into the pot followed by the oats.  Then two and a half times the volume of oats.  When I am good this means water.  If I was making it for the dairy consuming majority (feel the waves of jealousy) I would use one measure of milk and one and a half measures of water.  Put the pot on a medium/low heat.  Stir leisurely while passing between fridge and coffee and whatever else needs attention.

Meanwhile grab a good handful of frozen raspberries.  These need to get a quick blast in the microwave, about a minute, they need to be thawed without being stewed.  I also popped the honey jar into the microwave, just for thirty seconds or so.  Mostly I did this because my honey had crystallised however it proved to be a genius move.  The warm runny honey added a depth of flavour I fear would have been missing if I had just drizzled.  Then again I might just be indulging in rampant self-justification.

When the porridge, which has been getting the odd passing stir, has leisurely bubbled itself to a consistency that I can only describe as, ‘gloopy’ serve into a wide bowl.  Spoon the softened raspberries over and trickle a teaspoonful of warm honey over the top.  For the dairy free I would stir in a scant teaspoon on soya-cream before adding the berries just to add a little unctuousness.

Bizarrely porridge made with soya milk does not work. Mind you neither does Angel Delight, #whoknew !

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