Cooks off

Why did the apple pie not come out quite the way I expected? It’s tasty enough, but oddly liquid inside. The pastry was a success though, which is just proving that labour saving devices may actually be the way forward. The biggest success was the Banana Bread, no doubt that will strike dread into the heart of The Librarian, but he’s promised lemon tart so should be safe enough. On other culinary notes, I want the Martha Stewart cupcake book, I will become Queen of Tarts (opposed to just being a rather ineffectual floozy) and the Southern Fried chicken was a success. A teeny bit alarming in the ‘drop into boiling oil’ stage, but tasty! Mmm

Author: ishtaricat

Wierd, wired and wonderful. Bakes bread and cakes, knits hats, goes places and is getting all graphic...

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